PowerShell WMI Alternate Credentials bug

Just a small post about a bug I ran into a few times already,
so you may not spend too much time trying to debug your script when in fact there’s nothing wrong with it:
There’s a known bug in PowerShell 1.0 when using WMI connections using alternate credentials to a remote machine.
For example, I was making a script to change the WINS client settings for a number of machines:
(Get-Wmiobject -comp MyServer -class "Win32_networkadapterconfiguration" -credential $creds | Where{$_.IpEnabled -Match "True"}).SetWinsServer("","")
The script failed with error: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)
because it was using the credentials the script was running with, not the credentials specified by the script.
The only way to fix this AFAIK, is to use Powershell 2.0 (CTP at this time so don’t use on production machines without care).
Or you can try running your entire script as an alternate user, but this isn’t very efficient if you want to run WMI commands against a large number of machines.

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