Management Server Maintenance Mode in SCOM 2012

Another nice enhancement in SCOM 2012 !

In SCOM 2007 (R2) you had a problem when you put  your RMS into Maintenance Mode,

because this meant the workflow ‘Stop Maintenance Mode’ which ran on the RMS,

was actually unloaded 🙂

So this meant your RMS actually would never come out of Maintenance Mode ;-(

You had to manually get it out of Maintenance Mode, normally using the “End Maintenance Mode” Console Task.

In SCOM 2012, because of its more distributed architecure, the “Stop Maintenance Mode” workflow will actually be moved to another Management Server, when the MS that currently runs this, is put into Maintenance Mode.

The only thing you need to do, is make sure you never put more then 50% of your Management Servers into Maintenance Mode, because this makes your Resource Pool unusable.

Here’s a slide from the CEP Presentation I attended:






So yet another nice new feature to expect!


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